The 1843 (Bulls Eye) issue of Brazil - First Forgery
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Attribution: Unknown

Denominations: 30, 60 & 90 Reis

Of this forgery I have the 60 Reis and the 90 Reis.


Features common to all three values of the set:
  1. The background pattern is composed of diamond shapes each containing nine black dots, these are quite regular in the outer part of the stamp but loose their group identity towards the centre of the stamp,
  2. The leaf pattern (BAND A) displays the configuration 3;3;3;1 the same as the genuine
  3. BAND B consists of pairs of long black dashes separated from each other by a pair of black dots in the form of a colon.
  4. Band C, which in the original is formed by an alternate sequence of four and five black dashes is in this forgery merely a single line of black dashes outlined with a very narrow white border on a black background so as to resemble a white chain
  5. Band D is a double line of black dashes.
  6. The white balls at the top and bottom of the stamp are quite circular and smaller than those of the genuine
  7. There is a distinct white line around the shaded parts of the numerals.

Features special to individual value:

60 REIS.

60 Reis - First Forgery

  1. A line drawn downwards through the centre of the white ball in the top border would pass through the ball in the lower border of the stamp
  2. The curve at the top end of the figure 6 is oval instead of circular

90 Reis

90 Reis - First Forgery

  1. There are two very distinct links of the chain like pattern (Band D) visible inside the head of the nine
  2. A line drawn downwards through the centre of the upper ball would pass to the right of the ball in the bottom border