The 1843 (Bulls Eye) issue of Brazil - Third Forgery
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Attribution: Unknown

Denominations: 30, 60 & 90 Reis

Of this forgery I have only the 90 Reis

90 Reis

90 Reis - Third Forgery


  1. 1. The white balls in both top and bottom border (Band A) are oval and aligned horizontally. The configuration of the bunches of leaves on the both sides of the top ball are 3;3;3;1 but 3;3;3;1;1 on the right hand branch of the ball in the bottom border. The left hand branch of this feature appears to be 3;3;2;1 but such is the quality of the lithography on my copy that it is difficult to be sure.
  2. A thin black line runs all round the stamp separating Bands A & B.
  3. Band B is a double row of black dashes the innermost one generally the shorter of the two but these are not at all regular and there are patches round the circumference where the inner one is missing or misplaced.
  4. The background between the bands is filled with diamond shapes. separated from one another by broad white lines which tend to give the stamp a lighter appearance than normal. The diamond shapes generally contain either 15 or 25 black dots but again this is not invariable and sometimes there are fewer and occasionally the dots are bunched together making counting imprecise.
  5. Band C runs between the numerals and the lower branch consists of parallel black dashes in groups of between 2 and 5. Above the numerals no regular pattern is discernable the space being filled with a random arrangement of black dashes, black dots and white lines in the form of somewhat degraded diamond shapes ---not a pretty sight !
  6. A line drawn downwards through the centre of the white ball at the top of the stamp would just clip the edge of the ball in the lower border