The Stamps of the Suez Canal Company 1868 - Eighth Forgery - Appendix 8.1
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5 6 7 8
Saatjin 1 Cent Plate
1 2 3 4

As touched on earlier the 1c Saatjian forgery was developed from a Type 1 transfer of a genuine 40c stamp by substitution of the numerals in the four corners. This was used to prepare an intermediate stone of eight subjects. These were in turn transferred 15 times to the Printing stone of 120 subjects.

We have therefore in addition to the four basic varieties resulting from the original transfer a further 8 variants arising from plate flaws on the intermediate stone. These can be useful in deciding the status of a specimen when consideration of the characteristics of the primary transfer fails to lead to an unequivocal conclusion.

A block incorporating all of these 8 possibilities is illustrated and can be viewed to best advantage as a pdf, which supports panning and emarging. View image of sheet as zoomable pdf file.

The characteristics features of each transfer are listed below and highlighted in the enlarged sections of the relevant portions of the stamp.

Spot over left Sunburst.Spur on diagonal rigging below left arm of furled sail.Spot in upper margin between L of Canal and M of Maritime and in the lowe rmargin below the U of Suez.Two very faint spots to the left of 1c in the top right hand value circle.
Plate position 5Plate position 6Plate position 7 topPlate position 7 bottomPlate position 8
Plate position 2Plate position 3Plate position 4
NoneLarge dot after letter Z.Thick ragged to edge of oval over 1c in L H bottom value tablet.Spot at lower end of Postes label.