The Stamps of the Suez Canal Company 1868 - Fourteenth Forgery
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Attribution: Attribution

Designations: Boulad: Not Classified   Barefoot: Possibly 1

Denominations: 40 cent & possibly other values


Forgery 13 - 40 Cents

  1. Coloured line all round the stamp separating it from its neighbour.
  2. There are virtually no clouds above the ship.
  3. The space between POSTES and DE SUEZ, which in the genuine stamp is filled with crosshatching, is almost solid colour. See comparison with genuine specimen illustrated below.

  4. FDetail of Forgery 14
    Detail of Thirteenth Forgery 40 Cent Stamp

    Detail of geunuine 0 Cent Stamp
    Equivalent detail of genuine 40 Cent Stamp

  5. It displays some of the characteristics of the Type 1 transfer of the 40c original stamp in that the left serif of the horizontal bar of the T is separated and the vertical stroke of the T of Postes is longer than normal. This would point to it being a Saatjian reprint. On the other hand there is a diagonal line across the lower portion of the D of the DE of DE SUEZ coupled with a large coloured spot on the right hand portion of the crossbar to the first A of CANAL which are characteristics of the Type 3 transfer of the 1c value.
  6. The colour is a vivid vermilion unlike the genuine stamp or any of the forgeries previously discussed.
  7. The numerals in the value tablets differ from those of both the genuine stamp and the Saatjian reprint, particularly the zero which is narrow to the extent that the interior is reduced to a pencil line thickness.