The Stamps of the Suez Canal Company 1868 - Seventeenth forgery
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Attribution: None

Designations: Boulad: Not classified Barefoot: Not classified

Denominations: 20 Cents

Suez canal Company - Forgery 17


  1. Crosshatching between DE SUEZ and POSTES and also between the bottom of the POSTES label and the frame line of the stamp.
  2. The sky is shaded with heavy continuous parallel lines unlike the genuine and other forgeries where the shading lines are a series of dots and dashes
  3. The smoke is heavy and outlined with a bold continuous black border it passes behind the mizzenmast but does not reach the border of the oval
  4. The lettering in the oval is very coarse and some of the serifs to the letters are very large –the ones on the top and bottom horizontals of the E of Maritime almost touch whilst the serif to the lower leg of the Z of Suez almost touches the right extremity of the upper.
  5. The commas are long and thin , the one on the left is integral with the value circle ,the one on the right touches the value circle but is not integral with it.
  6. There is no discernable wave pattern on the sea but the hull is very low in the water, so much so that the ship appears to be sinking.
  7. There are no passengers visible on the deck.
  8. The smokestack and the lines of the rigging are blotched together.
  9. The filigree ornamentation below the sunbursts bear little resemblance to the ones on the genuine stamp.
All in all this is by far the least convincing of the forgeries I have encountered to date.