The Stamps of the Suez Canal Company 1868 - Sixteenth Forgery
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Attribution: Unknown

Designations: Boulad: 2: Barefoot: Not clasified

Denominations: 1c, 5c, 20c & 40c

Forgery Description


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  1. No crosshatching between DE SUEZ and POSTES
  2. No shading below Postes label
  3. Very short foredeck without passengers
  4. One passenger between the guy ropes on either side of the foremast
  5. Two passengers in the space between the guy ropes to the foremast and the mainmast
  6. One passenger in front of the mainmast.
  7. Two passengers in front of the smokestack.
  8. Six passengers between the smokestack and the mizzenmast.
  9. Pennants on all three masts
  10. The smoke plume is outlined with a series of small arcs, passes behind the mizzenmast and ends in a sharp point someway short or the oval
  11. The stern of the ship is curved
  12. The left hand comma has a small head and a long thin tail which touches but is not integral with the ornamentation surrounding the value circle. The right hand comma has a much shorter tail which is separate from the value circle and is crossed by the vertical shading
  13. the letters AN and AL of CANAL are joined at the base and the second I of MARITIME and the Z of SUEZ are shorter than the other letters.
  14. The rays of the right hand sunburst are evenly spaced.
  15. The letter Z of Suez is shorter than the other letters